The End of the Beginning

Recently, my church made a decision that means posting personal updates on a website is not permitted.

I have been asked to stop blogging, and so I will.

I no longer blog, but I continue to write. For those of you interested in reading the rest of our story, I am switching over to publishing by email. If you sign up in the box on the right, everything I write from here on outย will go straight to your inbox. I will continue to write our epilepsy story and pieces similar to what I have already posted.ย The contents of the emails will not be available online.

Most of you who have already signed up for email updates don’t have to do anything. I have your email addresses and will be transferring them over to a program that allows me to send emails without posting online. However, if you signed up as a user, I do not have access to your email address. And if you signed up for updates by marking “Notify me of new posts by email” when you commented, I don’t think I have your email address either, although I’m not certain of that. You will need to sign up again if you wish to receive future emails. I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you’re not sure how you signed up, you may sign up again. The program will weed out duplicate email addresses. You may also leave a comment requesting to be added to the list. If you have any problems or any questions, you can contact me at

Thank you for your prayers and your interest throughout our story. It is a gift I will always treasure.

53 thoughts on “The End of the Beginning

  1. I have been a lurker on your website ever since Gina from homejoys shared your story. I have been incredibly touched by all you have written. I love your writing and am so glad I will still be able to receive your e-mails. Please keep writing! You have such a gift!!

    • This is my story too. I am grateful for Gina sharing her favorite blogs because I have really enjoyed your writing. Soon after I read about your most recent experience with your daughter in the hospital, my husband was unexpectedly hospitalized for 5 days. I spent those days in the hospital more prepared with the insight from your stay fresh in my mind and I thought of your words many times during those 5 days and the couple weeks that have followed. Thank you for sharing what you have. Please continue to write.

  2. I was just ready to gasp “No way!!” Then I read the part about email … I would have been really sad to not be able to read more of your writing just when I’d discovered it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Our church is also working on some decisions with internet usage so am glad to be able to get your posts by e-mail. Thanks so much for using your talent to encourage others!

  4. Stephanie, You have ministered to me in so many ways with your words. I am so thankful that I can still receive your words through email. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  5. I am thankful to still be able to read your writings via email… You have been a huge blessing in my life! May God continue to bless your sweet family and provide for your every need! Thank you for sharing – to encourage others!

  6. Please add me to your email list…I have enjoyed your writings so much and have been encouraged so many times…please keep on writing, you have such a gift and so many of us benefit from it!

  7. I have enjoyed reading here right from the beginning, thanks to Gina at Home Joys. I’m so glad to be able to continue to enjoy your writing and inspiration by email. I think you have my address but just in case…
    May God continue to bless and direct you. Our prayers are with you.

  8. I have been enjoying your writing & story as a silent reader. Blessings as you continue trusting Him! I will look forward to the e-mail posts.

  9. I have been a silent follower of your story and I have enjoyed your writings so much.. You definitely have a gift of writing! I have a brother and a couple nephews and nieces that have epilepsy as well, so I know it is not easy. I’m wondering if you’ve ever heard of Casper 2 epilepsy? I also grew up in Big Valley Pa. but no longer live there. ( I still think Pa. is beautiful! )

    • No, I haven’t heard of Casper 2 epilepsy and neither has Google.

      Big Valley is less than an hour from our valley. I’ve been to Mary Lee’s a few times. I’m prejudiced, of course, but yes, this part of the state is lovely.

  10. I’m glad we have the option of getting your updates by email! Do you mind letting us know on your blog when you send your first “email only” post? That way if some of us don’t get your first email post, we’ll know to contact you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I have also been a silent follower and admire your gift for writing and feel for you with what you have all been through. But as we know God never allows more to come our way than that he gives the grace to see us through. Praying for you for strength for the future, whatever it will be. Please add me to your email as I’m interested in more of your writings, and how the future will unfold for you and for little Tarica.

  12. Keep writing, I appreciate your honesty. Please add my email to the list. God bless you and your family. cheryl

  13. I signed up earlier, but must have been deleted? I look forward to following your journey… -Jane, ND

    • No, you haven’t been deleted, Jane. I just haven’t written anything this week since the last blog post. The change has discombobulated me. Look for the first email sometime next week.

  14. I have loved what you write Stephanie. Please continue to share your gift in whatever ways possible. My prayers follow you and your sweet family and I trust God is guiding you. I look forward to receiving your emails.

  15. Please add me. My email is Your story gave me encouragement and the knowledge that I was not alone. My story, part of it anyway, ended with good news from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. The experience gave me a deeper understanding for parents of children with illnesses. I would like to pray for you and your family if you allow me to do so.

  16. I’m another lurker. I enjoy your perspective (and loved your post on introversion, btw). I look forward to e-mail posts!

  17. Your writing is truly a gift from God, Stephanie, and you bless so many with this gift. Please add me to the email list. I so appreciate your honest writings and I will keep Tarica and your family in my prayers.

  18. I thought I had signed up for your emails a long time ago but didn’t receive any. I go to church with Shari Zook and I have a son with epilepsy and we see a neurologist at Children’s in Pittsburgh as well. It has been interesting to follow your story if you could add me to the list. We were just in Pittsburgh again several weeks ago. Thanks

  19. I recently signed up to get your emails, but now, after going all the way back and reading your ‘story’, I really hate the ‘gap’ between your last blog post and the first email I received on Sept. 22. It feels like a big chunk of a very interesting book got ripped out! There’s probably no way to get your posts since then, is there? (Don’t feel bad telling me no!) I can tell by the Sept 22nd email there is another story that I just missed, but I hope and pray you all are doing well emotionally and courage-wise.
    I grew up in PA and now live in MS. I will always love and miss beautiful PA…no other state like it! My heart has hugged you many times in these posts. Our little girl had a febrile seizure one time and that was so scary, but to live with it is another story completely.
    Sending this with love and prayers ~Lois Johnson
    P.S.A few tidbits about us: We have 4 children between the ages of 6-11, we raise catfish, we are first of all Christians and then Mennonites, after years of infertility we have ‘heart’ children rather than ‘blood’ children, and I grew up in Berks County. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I will see what I can do about emailing some of those missing pieces to you, Lois.

      Berks County? I grew up next door, in Lebanon County, and the first five years of our married life were lived in Berks.

      Thanks for commenting.

  20. Stephanie. … it has been years. Years. Too many years. Do YOU Remember Me? You sent a lot of your writing to ontario to my address years ago… I miss you. I’ve thought about you and would wondered where you are. And then last month I stumbled across your book at clp in Virginia. I could have stood there for hours reading. I was elated at the idea of connecting with you again. I have a longing to visit yiu for a weekend. .. well then we traveled through Tyrone PA also in September and upon arrival back in Ontario I discovered your address is Tyrone! ! OK this is getting long but i would love to get and stay in contact again. I’ve just returned from 10 years in Guatemala and was cut off from t h e world of technology. We’ve been married 7 years and we have a 3 year old Caleb. We are taking a 4 to 5 year break as we obtain Canadian citizenship for my husband wirh plans to return to the mission field in a couple years or as God directs. Blessings today and can’t wait to connect.

    • Kris? Of course I remember you. As if I could forget. I’ve always regretted losing touch with you. So, so glad our paths have crossed again. Look for more in your inbox. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No, it isn’t too late. The list is growing, and I’m still writing. To subscribe, you can enter your email address in the box in the sidebar, or I can add you manually to the list. Thanks for asking!

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