A Birthday Gift from God

We open our eyes to mercies new every morning.

We open our doors to a world of created beauty.

We open our hearts to the truths in His Word.

We open gifts from God every day, gifts He pours out upon all people, free for the taking no matter who you are.

But sometimes, we open gifts that God wrapped especially for us, an unmistakable act of mercy that the Father tailored for our specific needs.

Yesterday Tarica opened a gift like this.

It’s a shame that it is a gift in the first place; it’s something no little girl should have to rejoice over. But because she is Tarica, a gift herself and well-beloved, she accepted it and acknowledged its Giver.

She had seizures on Saturday, Sunday, Monday. She had seizures on Wednesday.

But Tuesday? None.

She had a seizure-free birthday.

It was the best gift a loving Father could give.

Now. It’s your turn. Have you ever received an unmistakable act of mercy from the Father? It can be simple, unusual, common, or strange—mercy comes in all shapes and sizes. Please tell me about it. I want to rejoice with you.

5 thoughts on “A Birthday Gift from God

  1. What an incredible gift! I bless Jesus for sending Tarica that miracle day.

    My own outpouring of grace this week came in the form of worship that washed away fear–an unusual peace and security in His care.

  2. I’m so thrilled she had a seizure free birthday!
    In 6 months I lost both my parents, and a daughter married and moved away. When life ‘stopped happening’ the muscles in my back froze up. I fought alot of bitter as I lay in pain. One day a friend sent me this text: Indeed, worshiping God at ‘night’, during the depth of our sorrows and afflictions, is a difficult thing. Yet therein lies the blessing, for it is the test of perfect faith…’ When someone helped me to see God in it, God could help me.

  3. Thank you LORD. Your mercy endures FOREVER, What a wonderful gift and the Glory belongs to our LORD.

    Surviving my whole unsaved life was an unmistakable gift from the creator. God Bless You and keep.you and yours, Stephanie. Please know that prayers continue.

  4. I’m so happy to read that Tarica had a seizure free birthday! God is good!
    Yes, He is good and merciful! I feel like I have felt His mercies my entire life.
    When I look back on struggles, hard struggles that I did not think I could get through, I know the only way I came through those times of heartache and despair was by trusting and leaning on my Savior. His mercy is with us always.

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