Seven Inventions Every Parent Needs

Parenting is not for sissies. Even on my bravest days, I feel inadequate for the job. So much to do, so little of me to go around.

It’s time for technology to step up and give parents a break. I’m not asking for a robot to cook breakfast and fold laundry. My needs are much simpler.

How about seven small inventions to make my job easier?

  1. Crayons that color only in coloring books
  2. Toilet paper that doesn’t unroll until legitimately needed
  3. Cereal boxes that don’t tip over
  4. Faucets that recognize fingerprints and turn on or off as programmed
  5. Toilet lids that lower and lock when anyone untrained trots into sight
  6. Diapers that never leak
  7. Toys that climb back in the toy box after being abandoned for ten minutes

Yes, he’s seventeen months old.

How’d you guess?

7 thoughts on “Seven Inventions Every Parent Needs

  1. I’d love to see all these inventions at my house! Especially number six. Saturday my littlest blew out her diaper twice. I was stuck on a bike trail with a putrid daughter, no extra clothes, and not even diaper wipes. Thank the Lord for friends who share clothes, wipes, and even a warm bath when we got off the trail but were still an hour from home!

    • Sounds like you know how it goes, Gina. The level of the disaster is in direct proportion to how prepared (or unprepared) you are for it.

      Next time you’ll take a box of wipes and three changes of clothes, along with a dishpan just in case, and she’ll stay dry the whole day. 🙂

  2. My daughter is now 19 but when she was 16 months old I had surgery and my sister stayed with us overnight. The next day I noticed that the toilet paper was on the roller and took it off again. I mentioned to my sister that she had apparently forgotten what a toddler does with the TP. She was happly I told her because she was wondering how lazy I was if I didn’t even put the TP on the roller!

    • Ah, you must know how hard it is to fish half a roll of toilet paper out of a tub full of water. I found out for myself the other day. Thanks for stopping by, Mari.

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