A Sneak Peek at the Ending

I’ve been wrestling over what to post here.

Part of me, the storyteller part of me, wants to share the story as it happened, saving the best part for last, allowing the miracle to soak in rather than drenching you with it.

But many of you have faithfully prayed for us, and you deserve to know that your prayers have been more than answered.

As I write this, I’m sitting at my dining room table, watching the birds crowding the feeder. Upstairs, a little girl sleeps in her own bed.

We are home.

Our ten days shrank to six, because Tarica’s seizures happened at the right time and the doctors were able to collect enough information to release her. Tarica’s doctor called it “very uncommon.”

We serve a God of the uncommon and miraculous, and my heart is saturated with gratitude and praise.

Isn’t this amazing? Rejoice with me, with us. God has been so good.

I’ll still tell you the story, because there are many moments of grace in the details and I want to share them with you.

One shadow spreads itself over my joy. We have been given a miracle, but many still wait for theirs. I’m thinking especially of Juliann, a reader who left a comment last week about her twin baby boys in the NICU. I don’t know Juliann personally, but a few of my friends are friends of hers. Juliann is still waiting for a miracle. One of her sons is not doing well, and they are waiting now for some test results.

Will you pray for Juliann’s babies?

Our God has yet to run out of miracles.

14 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek at the Ending

  1. So glad that you all are home. What a wonderful surprise. We will keep praying as you wait for the results from the tests.

    And thanks for asking for prayer for Juliann’s little boy. The tests found that he has a bacterial infection in his blood. He is a sick little guy and he (and his parents) need a touch from our Father.


    • Thanks for updating my secondhand information, Gina. I’m praying they feel the security of His hands in this difficult time.

  2. We serve an awesome God! I am so glad to read your update hear your news. Yes, yes, I will certainly pray for Juliann and her babies.

  3. Stephanie! Praise the Lord! He is so good! Juliann is my sister and yes to all who read this! Pray! For a miracle! Damian has a bacterial infection in his blood and is a very sick boy! Our own son is Down Syndrome and is a miracle himself. Many times over! We know the pain and tears and drama of hospital life! So to one and all, let’s join in prayer to the One who is a God of miracles!!

  4. So happy for you! Truly we serve an awesome God! I will pray for Juliann and her family as well. So thankful we have a Heavenly Father to turn our worries over to!!

  5. Thanks be to God!! I pay that Julianne’s babies will also receeive their miracle…there are many to be had all we need do is ask.

  6. Praise God for another one of His miracles. Praying now that Julianne’s babies could also be recipients of His miracles! Thanks for the updates.

  7. So happy to hear your good news! After our visit the other day, K. was playing Dr. with her Daddy – he was having seizures! She really enjoyed her day w/ Tarica, and will not let me forget that we need to make an I Spy bag!! Praying God will give you peace as you wait for results.

  8. I am thrilled! I love the statement “We serve a God of the uncommon and miraculous.” He has an endless supply of miracles. I join you in praying for a miracle for Juliann’s family and continued grace and blessings in your family.

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